Dodge's popular Durango dominates every roadway it encounters. We can show you how to add substantial classiness to this midsize SUV at Glassford Chrysler. When you select from our Durango inventory, simply choose one with an appearance package. We will highlight a couple of those high-quality packages now.

Your new Durango can roll on sturdy, 20-inch, alloy wheels that feature 10 spokes. If you select the Blacktop Appearance Package, you will enjoy a deep, shimmering, black finish on these wheels. This setup also provides gloss-black mirror components. Further, it adds black trim across your new Durango's exterior. Finally, it also gives you dark-themed nameplates.

Similar nameplates adorn Durangos that include the Brass Monkey Appearance Package. This setup gives your 20-inch wheels a sparking, bronze tone. Imagine driving a new, black Durango with bronze-colored wheels on city streets or dirt roads. These packages will clearly help your Dodge Durango leave a memorable impression.


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