When it comes to belts and hoses, most car owners do not realize that they are driving with a worn-out timing belt until their engine starts to backfire and stall. This is a major issue that can be prevented with regular check-ups. Other problems can arise with serpentine belts and coolant hoses, which also cause different issues. For example, serpentine belts can crack, leading to a loss of power steering.

Coolant hoses can also leak, which leads to a reduction in cooling power and other damage to your engine if antifreeze leaks out. There are a few common warning signs to watch out for, including screeching, grinding, vibrating, overheating, and a general loss of power when you drive. You should also look under your car for any leaks if you suspect that your coolant or heater hoses have stopped working.

We can inspect your car quickly and assess any repairs you need at Glassford Chrysler. Our expert mechanics are fast, friendly, and helpful at our Ingersoll, ON location, so you never have to worry about waiting for quick repairs.

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