How Do I Test My Car's Battery?

Many parts of your car work together to keep it running and keep you on the road. And to keep all of those parts running smoothly, you must test them every now and again. Today, your friends from Glassford Chrysler will explain how to test your vehicle's battery.

If your battery is over 5 years old or cannot hold a charge, it may be time to test it. In order to test your battery, you will need a small tool called a voltmeter. A voltmeter comes in an analog or digital variety; whichever you choose is up to you.

Make sure your car is turned off before using the voltmeter to test your battery. If the volt reading is under 12.0 volts, then it may be time for you to have your battery replaced. If you believe that your vehicle is in need of a new battery, then you should bring it to your dealership as soon as possible.

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