Glassford Chrysler is proud to introduce the new Jeep Wrangler and its exceptional off-road capabilities. When Ingersoll, ON drivers want to break away from the concrete and pavement, the Wrangler is the perfect traveling companion. It can take you where other off-road vehicles fear to tread.

The ability of the off-roading capabilities of the Wrangler begins with a 4x4 system that automatically switches on and off when it senses the wheels start to slip. The 33-inch all-terrain tires help improve the grip even more. When things get rough, the transmission has a low ratio that allows it to crawl over rocks with ease.

Not to brag, but when other vehicles get stuck in the mud, you can just hook them up to the heavy-duty front and rear winch hooks and pull them out. Heavy-Duty skid plates on the bottom help protect the Jeep from damage when climbing over small objects. Challenging terrain is a little less challenging for the Jeep Wrangler because of these advanced features.

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