Winter Weather Straight Ahead: Prepare Your Vehicle Now

Don't look now but winter is right around the corner. Is your vehicle ready for the rigors of the winter season? Now is the time to start preparing your vehicle to handle the challenges of driving during winter weather conditions.

Equipping your vehicle with a winter safety kit is the first step of preparation for when precarious weather strikes Ingersoll. This kit should include items such as drinking water, a cell phone charger, jumper cables, a first aid kit, blankets, duct tape, warm clothing such as gloves and hats, cat litter or sand for traction when stuck, windshield ice scraper, and a snow shovel. You can never be too prepared when you hit the road in inclement weather conditions.

The winter weather driving experts at Glassford Chrysler want you to be an informed and prepared driver. We welcome the opportunity to help you to prepare your vehicle for the season ahead.


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