A Chrysler Pacifica Has a Guidance System for Challenging Parking Spots

Many drivers can't efficiently park in spots that are perpendicular or parallel. To resolve this problem, Chrysler developed a tactical parking system with two modes.

Chrysler's Parallel and Perpendicular Parking System is an assist tool. This means that it helps a driver maneuver into complicated parking zones conveniently and safely. You can access the software from the cabin before you're ready to park. When you want to leave a perpendicular or parallel parking space, another system will help you back up safely. It's called Rear Cross Detection, and the hardware uses sensors to detect cars before they drive by the Pacifica.

In Ingersoll, the Chrysler Pacifica's safety systems can provide big advantages on local streets and highways. If you want to operate a Chrysler Pacifica to examine its safety hardware, test drives are offered at Glassford Chrysler. We set up short driving sessions in all of the latest Pacifica trims.



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