Look Over Mopar® Vehicle Protection Road Hazard Tire & Wheel Coverage's Benefits

Even the most well-maintained road presents hazards. Something could fall off a truck, lay prone, and damage your tires once you run over it. The mishap doesn't need to come with costly repair expenses. With Mopar coverage, filing a claim opens doors to new tires and wheels.

As long as a vehicle is less than 8 years old and doesn't have more than 200,000 kilometres, the model should qualify. Applicants may choose from 2-year to 7-year coverage plans. And those plans allow owners to replace wheels and tires that suffer damage from a roadside hazard. Punctures aren't the only hazards. Other things that damage tires fall under the hazard category. Don't fear the deductible. The deductible is zero.

When the vehicle ends up disabled, calling a tow truck won't cost a fortune.

Preserve your wheels, tires, and other parts when driving in Ingersoll. Have the service department at Glassford Chrysler check it out when problems arise.



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