The Importance of Knowing How to Charge a Battery

The idea of charging a battery seldom comes to mind until we suddenly discover we have a dead a battery. We want you to be an informed car owner who has the knowledge of automotive issues, such as charging a battery. Come to our store and allow us to give you some battery charging tips.

First, make sure your battery charged is unplugged form the wall. Your battery’s positive and negative terminals are identified with a + and – sign. Attach the red (positive) cable from the jumper cables to the positive terminal and the black (negative) cable to the negative terminal on your battery. Once the cables are terminals are correctly attached, plug the charger back into the wall. The charger will either shut off when the battery is fully charged or you can look at the gauge on the charger.

Come to our dealership in Ingersoll and allow us to inspect your battery or service your vehicle with anything it might need.



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